What is Knee Deep Press?

Knee Deep is essentially... me in my apartment, in Brooklyn, in front of my computer screen (see illustration). I'm not really a press, I hardly publish anything myself. But seriously, this organization is a far reaching as the front stoop of my Crown Heights brownstone. I don't have any ambitions beyond getting people to see my comic and illustration work. But if you want to know how this all came to be, fine, here we go.

After completing my final year of art school the first thing on my mind was to star self-publishing comics. The first issue of my debut comic, "Don't Eat the Electric Sheep'" had already been finished and awaited its trip to the printer. I didn't know much about self-publishing then and I came up with the name Knee Deep as a publisher to make the whole operation sound legit. Anyway, the domain name was available so I jumped on it. Five issues of D.E.T.E.S. later I've stuck with the name and all that it implies. To find out more up-to-date info and to see what I've been meddling in, visit my blog at:


or email me at: