Bird on a Wire

Story by David Brenion, Art by Joe Flood

Deep in the confines of the New York sewer system, darkness lurks, a darkness that ensnares even the most stalwart of travelers. But do not fear, an unlikely gang of misfits are hear to protect your sorry pink insignificance. Join Bill, Cricket and Frankie as they make the sewers safe for the average, peace-loving freaks of nature who inhabit them.


Story by Macon Blair, Art by Joe Flood

A preview of a lurid pulp fiction straight from the mean streets of Hell's capital 'burg! Demonic femme fatales and damned detectives! Shadowy schemers and tormented dreamers! Blackmail, betrayal and hot-blooded's a powder keg town, baby, and one bad secret's gonna light the fuse!

Don't Eat the Electric Sheep

Story and Art by Joe Flood

In a mental hospital where the patients see their world through medicated veil of false perception, a clandestine organization runs a hidden laboratory. Here their test subject, Myles, has unknowingly been converted into the most advanced android known to man. Enjoy this preview of issue #5